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Monday, February 25, 2008

My Butterfly

When I decided to have at least 1 tattoo on me... I was thinking to have a small butterfly. Why do I choose Butterfly? It means a new wonderful life and a new hope to me. Blue butterfly, coz I love blue.

In TattooJohny...it said...
Butterflies and Fairies - A long history together.
Butterflies have long been associated with Fairies. Who knows whether fairies borrow butterfly wings or butterflies borrow little fairy wings. Either way, we generally see fairies with the wings of a butterfly. Often in tattoo design, paintings, pictures and illustrations we can see butterflies and fairies together. Some artists have the idea that the butterfly best represents the multicultural aspects of Nature itself. Perhaps this represents the human desire to create harmony with nature. Perhaps it represents a desire to fly with the freedom and beauty of the butterfly.

Ms Kinki was tattooing my back side...
Add some colour..blue pls...
It hurted abit. Not So So Pain... just alittle bit.. as U can see.. it became reddish & swollen!
Almost done baby.. ouch ouch..
Taraaaaaaaaaa..my new baby on me! A Blue Fairy Butterfly

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