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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Chibi Maruko Chan

Chibi Maruko
Copy Paste From : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chibi_Maruko-chan
The title character, Maruko (born May 8 1965) is a nine-year-old third grade
student raised in a relatively poor family of six. She is lazy, disorganized and usually late for school, in strong contrast with her neat, calm and tidy older sister (sixth-grader) who must share her room with her. Maruko, like many kids, tries to avoid homework and chores, and she takes advantage of her doting grandfather and squabbles with her sister. Nevertheless, she is a well-meaning child who tries to do good. She is similar to Calvin in Calvin And Hobbes in that she often uses adult-like language to express her child-like feelings. She has many food dislikes, including natto and tomatoes. She loves reading manga and is a good artist, and her stated goal is to become a manga artist when she grows up. It is implied that the show is drawn by Maruko herself.Maruko's trademark face fault in reaction to an awkward "don't know what to say" situation (or sometimes, embarrassment) is the sudden appearance of vertical lines on her face, sometimes with an unexplained gust of wind blowing behind her head.

*Hehehe. Chibi Maruko adalah salah satu katun peberet aku. Dier tomey je. Blur & sengal- macam aku. Tp aku tak tomey la. Lama tak nonton katun nie. Dulu, pepetang mesti aku tgu. Windunya kat Chibi Maruko.

Nota kecomelan kuku kakiku: Tetiber aku rasa diri aku comel macam Chibi Maruko. Eheks~
Life. Is. Colourful. To. Make. My. Life. Wonderful.

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