Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Being With You

Being With You

Being with you is a happy thought.
Each night I pray and thank God that he brought,
Someone so special like you to my life
Someone so precious to be by my side.
I've always wanted to be with someone like you.
Someone to love me and do all of the things that you do.
I feel so lucky when you are by my side,
I am so grateful to know you're all mine.
If ever you feel that your sky is all blue,
Don't ever doubt that I'll be there for you
And if you ever feel the need to love
I'd like to be the one that you are thinking of.
As each day goes by I wish you could see
How valuable and wonderful you are to me.
I would like to thank you for just being you,
And thank all of the stars for giving me
The happiness of being with you.
I always dreamed of having someone like you,
I just never it imagined that it would come true.


penjahat said...

yey 1st lagi ...saya tak paham omputeh ala cemana nih huhu

Shuanne Adam said...

gi bukak kamus laa papa! aper arr... PAPA Uncle chili's tau papa!! jgn lupa...

Anonymous said...

wahh tang nih u tujukan kt mamat maner ekkkss...yg kt ipoh tuh ker hehehe...
pe2 jejiwang cecekali ok jer tuh... layan! - poyo from myspace!