Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Work scope: Subject Matter Expert
  1. Conduct research.
  2. Brainstorm for ideas.
  3. Participate in lesson mapping, brainstorming, and analysis sessions.
  4. Recommend books and other forms of reference.
  5. Provide advice on ways to present content (multimedia and interactive activities).
  6. Coordinate work with the other SMEs and IDs.
  7. Review scripts and verify the accuracy of lesson content.
  8. Write storyboards with full graphics/animation/ simulation/ sfx description buttons.
  9. Prepare photo shoot and movie shoot lists and prepare anything that will help frame construction.
  10. Prepare riders – Teaching Plan, Lesson Synopsis, Activity Sheet, Answer Sheet and Glossary list. (if required by BTP- Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan)
  11. Amend storyboards and riders according to requirements.
  12. Visualise the storyboards and riders.
  13. Review graphics work as they are being constructed.
  14. Conduct a language check on the storyboards and riders.
  15. Edit lessons for appropriate language use and accuracy.
  16. Make suggestions to improve any part concerning language in the storyboard
  17. Test lessons thoroughly.
  18. And other related work required by BTP (this can only be informed after a formal meeting with the BTP).
Agak² korang..braper bayaran utk tugasan di atas?


13may said...

hehhe....jgn ngulor...buat keja tuh :P

Ummi said...

tlg jwb bg pihak akak ye...
13may: dah siap la...da dpt payment, siap leh g shupping lg okek.

sekian, mekasih