Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Love Don't Cost A Thing

Long long ago, I used to like J-Lo. I love all her songs. I love her butt oso. Hiks.. aku tgh mentenkan montot supaya jadi cam montot JLO...(berangan je.. kuat nar aku nie berangan). Biol Mereng sejak esaimen aku bertimbun... Mari layan lagu JLO plak la... jiwang berkaratz plak mlm nie sambil membuat esaimen (sempat lg wat entry).

Aku Punye Ring La .. akan menjadi kepunyaan ku selamanye.. Hiks

Love Don't Cost A Thing

Jeniffer Lopez
You think you gotta keep me iced
You know
You think I'm gonna spend your cash
I won't
Even if you were broke
My love don't cost a thing
Think I wanna drive your Benz
I don't
If I wanna floss I've got my own
Even if you were broke
My love don't cost a thing

When you rolled up in the Escalade
Saw the dub you gave to the valet
Knew that it was game when you looked at me
Pulling up your sleeve so I could see the Rolley bling
Saw you later in the corner booth
Raising up a toast so I would notice you
But your heart's a mess
Think you outta know
Doesn't matter if you're running out of control

All that matter's is
That you treat me right
Give me all the things I need
That money can't buy yeah

(Repeat 1)

When I took a chance
Thought you'd understand
Baby, credit cards aren't romance
So you're trying to buy what's already yours
What I need from is not available in stores
Seen a side of you that I really feel
Doing way too much, never keep it real
If it doesn't change, gotta hit the road
Now I'm leaving with my keys
I've got to go

(Repeat 2)

(Repeat 1)

A thing, a thing, a thing
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You think the money that you've made
Can substitute the time you take
Take the keys into my heart
Then you can win my heart, and get what's in my heart
I think you need to take some time
To show me that your love is true
There's more than dollar signs in you
Then you can win my heart, and get what's in my heart

(Repeat 1 till end)

Single But Not Available

*Entry ini hanya sebuah entry semata-mata.. merepek mood...
Life. Is. Colourful. To. Make. My. Life. Wonderful.


lily lotus said...

phewitt! uish cunnya awek last tu

13may said...

oh! tergoda plak :D

joegrimjow said...

siapakah milik belakang itu???

eedany said...


itu JLo ke u? Sexyyyyy!


peppo said...

nak pelokkkkkkkk!!!

miss u dear

Mr_Aries said...

rasa cam nak spank jer itu muntut :X :x

susan said...

hai, salam kenal..