Monday, November 05, 2007


Feeling = is the gift of concern for the person, of tenderness of compassion and of relationship.
Thinking = is the gift on concern of objects, truth cold facts and products, a concern for that which may be impersonal.

Each of us has the God given capacity to ‘feel’ and ‘think’- mysterious gifts showered upon us without we asking for it. Many of us have neglected ‘feeling’ so much and for so long that we don’t know what to do when its cries out for attention. Therefore, many of us suffer because our emotion inner selves remain hidden, unexpressed, repressed or suppressed. Feeling is like little seedling to be nurtured, they will grow if we use them responsibly; if not, they will become stunted.

Most of us often respect the thinking ability of a person and we have often ignored the feeling ability of that person. Thus, we care little for committed friendly relationship. Relationships are often are used to get power, pleasure, prestige, comfort or money. Not many people accept people, listen and talk to them just for themselves. ‘Feeling’ has been universally misunderstood, especially by men and rarely assessed positively by both men and women, at some time in life, misuse by all when it finds its uncontrolled release from within their souls. Those with more of ‘feeling’ function speak in more round about ways and reflexly make decisions with the heart more than the head. Generally, as men or women, let us accept ‘feeling’, using it together with the ‘thinking’ to edify others, controlling it so that we do not allow our feeling capacity to become a weakness that may lead to sin.


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